Me and Trixie

TrixieThis is Trixie. She is one of my favorite ponies I ride at Dunvegan Farm

Awesome Mitty

This is Misty cat! He’s so cute!


~ Katy :)


Hi –

This is me in my Mom’s dress that her mom made over 30 years ago – she was 10 – or around there.

What do you you think?

~ Katy :)


St. Patrick’s Day

Hi – this is me on St. Patrick’s day. Do you like my hat?


~ Katy 😀



You’ve heard of Jack-In-The-Box, this is Misty-In-The-Box 😀


Native American Costume

This is me dressed up as a Native American. I’m shooting a little bow and arrow I made. Hope you like it :)


Misty’s Birthday

This is our family cat, Misty. He had a birthday. He’s one-year-old. My brother and sister and I made a birthday hat for him – with a pom-pom :)

Misty's Birthday

Walking The Plank

Me and my dad went for walk in the woods and found this old tipped-over tree 😀
Walking The Plank

Samson and Pepper

Hi – this is a video I took. My dad played Samson and Pepper. My favorite line was, “But don’t try to be like me, cuz you can’t!” My dad’s favorite part was, “Did you step in a poodle?” What’s your favorite part. And this is a photo of me and my dad.


Me In My Pool

My family has a little swimming pool – see video below. It’s about 2 1/2 feet deep, and it’s really fun. I swam in it all summer!


Bye 😀