Baby Bunny

This is a wild baby bunny. Me and my brother found it last year. We were playing in the sandbox and we thought we saw a chipmunk. Then we realized it was a baby bunny. He came closer so we went over and he played with us. He let us hold him. After and hour, when my mom called us for dinner, he tried to follow us. My mom brought him back to his nest.

katy and wild bunny

Introducing Sophie (Maggie)

Hi – this is my little sister, Maggie (see video below too). She is currently calling herself, Sophie – and saying that she’s 5. She’s 4. And her name is definitely Maggie.



Me and My Sister, Maggie

Katy’s Jump

After Medway Pride Day, we went to the park. Me and my twin sister, Faith, took turns jumping off this blue bike rack. I hope you like this photo 😛

Katy Jump

Katy’s Christmas Tree

I know this isn’t the season, but I really wanted to post this photo. I’m holding my pink camera. My dad took this picture.

Katy's Christmas Tree

Self-Taught Reader

Some of you may know that I’m unschooled. Recently, I taught myself to read. If you don’t know what unschooled is, please visit my mom’s website – Below is a video I made of me reading, ” When I Get Bigger,” by Mercer Mayer. When I read the “Grandma and Grandpa’s” part, I meant to add an “S” sound at the end of Grandpa. I hope you like it. Bye! :)

(PS – that’s me in the picture below the video climbing a pole in the basement of our local library. We have game days at the library with some home school/unschool friends.)

Self-Taught Reader, Katy Olson

climbing pole

My American Gril Doll, Kit

This is one of my American Girl Dolls. Her name is Kit. Me and my sister faith got her to balance on my brother’s play horse. She’s actually sitting on the horse in this picture. I took this picture with my dad’s camera. I hope you like it 😛

American Girl Doll

Cool Leg Guy

My dad took this picture for me with his iPhone. It’s a little Leg Guy I made on my leg. I hope you like it! Bye, bye!

Cool Leg Guy

Uncle Phil’s Kitty

My uncle Phil gave me this cat. He got my sister faith one that looks like it – only it’s dog. I used my dad’s good camera to take this picture:)

uncle phils kitty

Exploding Cloud

My dad took this shot. He’s very good at taking pictures. I’m learning a lot from him.

Exploding Cloud

Birthday Reflections

This is another picture of my 8th birthday cake.  If you look in the top left hand corner, you’ll see the top of the puppy’s head (it’s black and white) that my brother, Thomas, gave me. Isn’t it cool how the candles reflect the light. I hope you it! :O

Birthday Reflections