Piper In The Grass

This is Piper. We see her on the way to church, and sometimes when we leave. She’s really friendly. She’s very old. I hope you like my picture. Bye! :O

Piper In The Grass

Birthday Cake Number 8

This is me and my twin sister, Faith’s, cake for our 8th birthday. We used a gluten-free batter, but it didn’t taste good. But the frosting was okay. Bye! I hope you like the picture!

Birthday Cake Number 8

Katy’s Stuffies

These are some of my stuffed animals. I have more, but they’re not in the picture. See the unicorn with the gold horn? That one is Ruby. And the Chihuahua close to it is named, Sammy. If you can see the black cat in the white vest, he’s my favorite (there is a pink bunny next to him, that’s also my favorite – but he’s hard to see).

Katys Stuffies

Kids And Miss Joan

This is our awesome neighbor, Miss Joan. We really love her – and sometimes she gives us candy! I’m the one in the back 😀



Giant Grasshopper

I didn’t take this picture, but it’s really cool. My dad took it. I hope you like it.

Giant Grasshopper

Faithy and Jakey

This is my sister Faith at our grandma’s house with her dog, Jake. Her other dog, Amber, died. Amber was so cute, but so is Jake.

Faith and Jake

Summer Smile

My dad took this picture of me last year. We were in New Hampshire at Dexter’s Inn. I had a little something on my face – I think it was chocolate. Thank you for looking at this picture. I hope you like it 😛

Summer Smile

Sibling Halloween

This is my sister Faith and my brother Thomas. I’m in the middle. My little sister, Maggie, didn’t want to be in the picture – she was Dora. I’m a skeleton cat – but I’m not wearing my hood. Faith is a skull fairy. And Thomas is the Grim Reaper.


Pumpkin Skull

I love Halloween. This is the pumpkin that me and my family carved together. My dad likes the bow and eyelashes (it’s a girl pumpkin), and I like the face.


Katy and Flower

This is me at my family reunion last year. I look grumpy, because I don’t like my picture taken, and plus I was looking down.