Piper on the Truck Tire

This is Piper the kitty. We found her sitting on a truck tire near our church. I took a picture of her. Tell me what you think. Do you like the photograph I took?


~ Katy



  1. Hi Katy,

    I like your photo of the cat. I like your blog…. It’s cool…..and your writing…
    I’m not yet allowed to have a blog but Nanay will be sending you pictures of me as well. Thanks.

    I/my Nanay usually check emails twice a week only. So please be patiense (spelling!!!).

    I’ll be looking for pictures now to send to you. I too am trying out and learning to take pictures…
    my Aunt Shirley gave me her 4 megapixel camera. My first real shot was last June 16, 2011….
    It was the first full lunar eclipse I experienced…. I took a video of it too. The camera is too big and
    heavy that I don’t bring it too much…. besides I dropped it once…. and Nanay just did minor repairs on it
    placed a big heavy duty tape as am not too responsible yet… says Nanay.

    Hope to see more pictures …


  2. Hi Katy,

    What a big girl you’ve become, to have your own camera and website! Yes, I do like your picture of the cat and I hope you’ll take many more photos and share them with us. :)

    Miss Alicia

    • Hi Miss Alicia,
      Thank you for commenting. Actually, I have TWO cameras. I really love taking pictures, and I’m glad you like to see them.
      Katy :)

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