The Real Pumpkin

This was our real Halloween pumpkin. It was really big, but not too scary. It has eyelashes facing the same way. I hope you like it. What do you think?


~ Katy



  1. Kathy Kelley says:

    Dear katy,

    I am so happy that I finally found your website! Now I can see all of your beautiful work!

    I love this pumpkin, I think it looks scary. But not so scary that it will keep me awake. I think it’s just the right amount of scary and beautiful. I like the eyelashes too. Is it a girl pumpkin face or a boy pumpkin face?

    One more question, please, who carved this pumpkin?

    Love and Kisses,

    Kathy Kelley

    • Dear Kathy,
      Thank you so much for looking at my pictures. Here’s the answer to your questions. I drew the eyes on the pumpkin and Daddy carved them. It’s a girl pumpkin face.
      Love, Katy

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